I believe it’s important to live life with passion and purpose. One of my biggest passions is learning new things. This makes me a spectacular generalist, or as Emilie Wapnick calls it: a multipotentialite.

I was born with an entrepreneurial spirit that is invigorating and infectious, and organizational skills that are unrivaled. I am creative, analytical, and I can tell a captivating story.

To build on my natural abilities I earned a BA in Communications (with a focus in rhetoric) and an MBA (with a focus in Analytics). I also achieved Competent Communicator and Competent Leader status through Toastmasters International.

My combination of skills and abilities has enabled me to thrive professionally. I have worked in advertising/marketing/public relations designing campaigns, managing projects, and supporting technology initiatives. I also built and operated a web design business, and served as Chief Operating Officer for a web-based company.

Personally, my passions include food (growing it, cooking it, eating it, and sharing it with others); being outdoors (running and mountain biking), and art (drawing, painting, photography, ceramics, and crafting).

I am always seeking new ways to link my passions and help others bring life to theirs. Drop me a line if you want to learn more!