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Putting your Vision into Words

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Once we have recognized the need to make a change, and started to lay the foundation (for some background on this, check out the first article in this series: Change Making…), the next step is to put our vision into words. Look for the common ground that was established earlier on in the change making […]


Changing the story from shooter to safety

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bus driving past an anti-gun banner

Thousands of school shootings have happened over the years in the U.S., and as they became more frequent people became more vocal about preventing them from happening, but the story stayed the same. For a long time the story was about the shooter. The media pored over the details of why the shooter committed his […]

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Speaking with humor

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Humor is one of the best ways I connect with people. I am happiest when I’m speaking to an audience who is laughing! The speech above won a humorous speaking contest, but I love incorporating humor into all different kinds of speeches. If humor isn’t your strong suit I still recommend giving it a go. […]